Ladina Shöpf Headshot

At LS Projects innovation meets architecture and projects are crafted with finesse. Our firm, founded by Ladina Schöpf, specializes in architectural design with strong concepts. We believe in the power of bridging the gap between aesthetics and functionality, between tradition and innovation, and leveraging potential and success. We place a significant emphasis on sustainability, recognizing its critical role in contemporary design.

Embracing the future, we’ve integrated Artificial Intelligence into our workflow optimizing content, ideation, and processes. 

Ladina, an experienced Swiss architect and building site manager, blends her educational credentials from ETH Zurich with multicultural working experience spanning Spain, Brasil and Portugal. Over the past decade, she has completed a rich portfolio of renovation and new build projects. She believes in the power of efficiency in design and construction, a concept she applies in her work in an innovative way.

For LS Projects, every project is a collaboration. We value the unique perspectives and aspirations each client brings, ensuring our designs are both innovative and deeply resonant.

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