Muri Fricatori

Zurich, 2016 - Study

The mission was to meticulously plan and construct 140 new apartments, deeply ingrained in the principles of sustainable construction and ‘building for disassembly.’ We anchored our design approach around friction as a building system, enabling not only assembly but also complete disassembly and genuine reusability of all elements. 

The design was guided by three pillars of friction: physical, constructive, and social. Physical friction was emphasized by eliminating corridors, and using activated longitudinal walls to connect various spaces, housing necessary facilities and installations. Constructive friction was addressed by prefabricating all parts separately for easy assembly, disassembly, and recycling. Social friction was fostered through shared spaces and visibility among residents, with a vibrant courtyard for daytime interactions and a rooftop terrace for evening gatherings. Each apartment also offered private retreats, giving inhabitants a balance between community and solitude.

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